Digital Atmospheres is a conceptual work written for an ensemble of eight players equipped with vintage bulbs, evanescent conductor, fixed electronics and extended audience.

Is divided in seven sections – or miniatures – that follow one another without interruption. Each section includes a subtitle extrapolated from a concept taken from the 3rd Industrial Revolution – to exception of the last one – what imbricates the musical materials to a conceptual creative impulse. That sections are;

  • i. The creation of ARPANET

  • ii. Hyperlink

  • iii. Planned obsolescence

  • iv. The grid; interconnecting the World Wide Web

  • v. Bits: scripting the source code

  • vi. Virtual reality 

  • vii. Digital natives / Digital slaves

From a germinal point of view, Digital Atmospheres seeks a synthesis both in acoustic and digital materials. Employing a variety of sound-producing techniques such as field recordings, wall of sound, granulation, Shepard-Risset glissando or sampling; as well as virtual elements such as reverb, delay and distortion; that are re-introduced into a purely acoustic environment. As come happening in many of my previous works, the whole materials confluence from a primal musical gesture (developing itself in an entropic way); dealing this time a set of seven chords that are stratified and manipulated in both axes vertical and horizontal throughout the entire piece. In the last section – vii. digital natives / digital slaves – the electronic material is fused with that produced by the audience through using their smartphones like portable speakers; thus breaking the ‘fourth wall’ and turning the audience into an active element inside the sonic discourse.

In memoriam of Richard Edgar Løvstrøm (aka Thomas Wilfred).




Composer & fixed electronics by Antón Alcalde.

MAXmsp patch developed by Pedro Vicente Caselles.

Video art by Laurent Fort.