Pintura de puntos de estilo aborigen


Year of composition: 2014 [Revision 2019]

[Mutations on an aboriginal tune]

Commissioned by Council of Galician Culture (Spain).

Bronze Medal in the 'Global Music Awards' - 2014.

Dedicated to Yang Wan Jung.

Length: 18 minutes

Instrumentation: percussion quartet & fixed electronics

Opus 14 - AA142016

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i. Crossing the soundscape

ii. Liquid patterns

iii. Swells, scratches & drones

iv. Tribal echoes

v. Aboriginal dreams


First performance was given by Antón Alcalde and the composer ensemble, as a collaboration with Council of the Galician Culture and the Australian Embassy, Santiago de Compostela, on May, 2014.

Printed edition:

Printed edition includes a copy in A4 of the signed score, parts and pre-recorded tracks with/without click for study. For more information, please, contact us through:



DEMO of 'Liquid Patterns', (2nd movement).
Recorded with VST through Cubase LE 10.5.