Prize 'Francisco Guerrero Marín' in the 'XXX Young Composers Prize SGAE-CNDM Foundation'. 

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Born in Rianxo in 1992, Antón Alcalde is a Spanish composer, publisher and speaker based in Taiwan. His works have been performed in more than 30 countries; from America to Oceania, including countries from Europe and Asia. He has received commissions of important national and international organizations and soloists as: Council of Galician Culture (Spain), International Band Competition of Vila de la Sénia (Spain), Bevers Harmonieorkest (Belgium), Izumo Symphonic Band Enishi (Japan), Curtocircuito Film Festival (Spain), Real Filharmonía de Galicia (Spain), Hércules Brass Quintet (Spain) and international soloists as Alexandre Doisy, Roberto Oliveira, Arturo Costa and Hiroko Yamakawa.

At the age of 15 years old, Alcalde won the first prize in the II Ibero-American Composition Contest for Band (2009), repeating the award up to five times in the Galician Composition Contest for Band (2009, 2010 and 2011), being the youngest composer in be awarded. Alcalde has received three simultaneous medals (silver and two bronzes) in the Global Music Awards (San Diego, California) and he was twice nominated to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (Los Angeles, California). In 2016 received the world premiere of his multimedia work 'Holograms', performed by Roberto Oliveira at the 'Extravaganza Percussion Festival', in the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin. In 2017 was selected for a composition residence in the prestigious ArtsIceland Institute of Ísafjörður (Iceland). In 2019, Alcalde won the prize 'Francisco Guerrero Marín' in the XXX Young Composers Prize SGAE-CNDM Foundation for his work 'Firefly - after Tokyo Blues -'. First performance was given by Koen 2 Ensemble, conducted by José Ramón Encinar at Auditorium 400 of the Queen Sofia National Museum Art Centre. In 2020, his work 'Sculptures in Brass' is selected by the Juilliard Brass Quintet seminar, powered by the prestigious American Brass Quintet (New York, USA).

Alcalde became member of the Galician Association of Composers since 2011 and since 2016, under the Aalcalde Music label, he has developed his own publishing project.