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Born July 3rd, Rianxo.


Studies percussion and music theory at Rianxo School of Music.


Composes and conducts Pictures, premiered by the professors of the International Percussion Festival Merza-03, Vila de Cruces.

Writes Concertino, performed by the Nick Woud students at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music.


Professional Conservatory of Music ‘Manuel Quiroga’, Pontevedra. Writes and performs Tryptic with the orchestra of the conservatory.


Wins the first prize in the II Ibero-American Composition Contest for Band with his work Viaxe ao centro da terra. Wins the first prize in all categories of the II Galician Composition Contest for Band with his works Symphony No.1: marea negra and Pórtico.  Studies Scoring for Motion Pictures with Patrick Doyle, Michael Giacchino and Wataru Hokoyama at V Film Music Festival, Úbeda. Gives a lecture in the Department of Music History, Faculty of History, University of Santiago de Compostela. Interview in the TV Show ‘De Galicia para o mundo’.


Becomes professor of percussion at Rianxo School of Music.


Writes and wins the first prize in the III Galician Composition Contest for Band with his work Dolmen.


Writes and wins the first prize, second and third categories, in the IV Galician Composition Contest for Band with his works Camiños da fin da terra and Noite de defuntos respectively.


First visit to USA. Receives two nominations in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Los Angeles, for his works Gavilán: wizard of Earthsea and The heroes of Orzán.


First visit to England. Obtains three medals – one silver, two bronze – in the Global Music Awards, San Diego. Composes and plays Maquialó by commission of the Council of Galician Culture, Santiago de Compostela. Studies English in EF Education First, Eastbourne.


First visit to Japan. Symphony No.2: A lenda de Paio Gómez Chariño Japanese premiere at All Japan Band Competition Chugoku, Hiroshima. Wins the first prize in the Composition Contest of Paso-dobles of the XXV Meaño Wind Orchestras Festival for his work BUMM.


Writes his multimedia work Holograms for Roberto Oliveira, premiered at Extravaganza Percussion Festival, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin. Writes Resonant Isles for commission of the XII International Bands Competition ‘Vila de la Sénia’.


First visit to Iceland. Selected for a composition residence by the ArtsIceland Institute, Ísafjörður.

Writes ...that pale blue dot and What do you think about the dropping of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia. Writes Haiku for commission of the Bevers Harmonieorkest, Belgium. Interview in the TV Show 'ZigZag'.

Complete his first musical theater in 3D, Atlantis, developed along seven years. Writes and wins the prize 'Francisco Guerrero Marín' in the XXX Young Composers Prize SGAE-CNDM Foundation with his work Firefly - after Tokyo Blues -. First performance was given by Koen 2 Ensemble, conducted by José Ramón Encinar at Auditorium 400 of the Queen Sofia National Museum Art Centre, Madrid. Premiere broadcast by 'Radio Nacional de España' (National Radio of Spain) within the program 'Miramondo Múltiplo'.

Sculptures in brass is selected by the Juilliard Brass Quintet seminar, powered by the prestigious American Brass Quintet, New York.

Composes Un ollo de vidro, commissioned and performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia. Interview in the TV Show 'A Revista FDS'.

Guest conductor of the Hsinchu Municipal Wind Orchestra, Taiwán. Taiwanese premiere of Camiños da Fin da Terra and the world premiere of Sun Moon Lake by the Hsinchu Municipal Wind Orchestra altogether with the Lan Yang Wind Band, conducted by Jian-Ming Wu in a virtual online performance held between both wind orchestras, more than 80km away.