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Symphony No.1:


Year of composition: 2009 [Revision 2022]

First Prize in the II Galician Composition Contest for Wind Orchestra (symphonic section), 2009. Test piece in the IV Galician Bands Contest, 2010. Is dedicated to Andrés Valero Castells.

Length: 20 minutes

Scored for: wind orchestra and optional choir

Opus 1 - AA012016


i. Amencer nas Rías Baixas

ii. Prestige

iii. Marea Negra

iv. Marea Blanca


First performance was given by Galician Federation of Wind Orchestras, conducted by Xosé Carlos Seráns at Rosalía Theatre of A Coruña, Spain, December 30, 2009.

Please note:

Full set and study scores are purchased, fulfilled in hard copy, and yours to keep. Full sets are licensed per two years of performance, and it can be renewed with an additional cost of 100€. Additional parts are delivered in PDF, and the fixed electronics (when necessary) is free downloaded through a QR code printed on the full score.

For more information or request additional parts, please, contact us through:

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Study score (11.7 x 16.5)


Full set (8.3 x 11.7)


Symphony No.1: Marea negra

Gran Canaria Wind Orchestra
Conducted by Rafa Agulló



Brief notes:

This composition won the first prize in the II Galician Composition Contest for Wind Orchestra 2009, symphonic section, and also was the test piece in the IV Galician Bands Contest 2010, first section. First performance was given by Galician Federation of Wind Orchestras (FGBMP), conducted by Xosé Carlos Seráns at Rosalía Theatre of A Coruña, December 30, 2009. Is dedicated to Andrés Valero Castells.


This symphony is my first work catalogued (opus 1), wrote when I was just 15-16 years old. Therefore, is one of my most appreciated and immature works, but also one which have been most played around the world. The symphony is casts in a "symphonic poem" form, divided in four movements that describe my own feelings and memories of the natural catastrophe produced by Prestige oil spill.


The Prestige oil spill was an oil spill in Galicia caused by the sinking of the oil tanker MV Prestige in 2002. The spill polluted thousands of kilometers of coastline and more than one thousand beaches on the Spanish, French and Portuguese coast, as well as causing great harm to the local fishing industry. The spill is the largest environmental disaster in the history of both Spain and Portugal. In the subsequent months, thousands of volunteers joined the public company TRAGSA (the firm chosen by the regional government to deal with the cleanup) to help clean the affected coastline. The massive cleaning campaign was a success, recovering most portions of coastline from not only the effects of the oil spill but also the accumulated usual contamination. A year after the spill, Galicia had more Blue Flags for its beaches (an award for those beaches with the highest standards in the European Union) than in the previous years.

This symphony has received a huge influence of another works and authors as Symphony No.1 “La Vall de la Murta” & “Symphony No.3 “Epidemia Silenciosa” by Andrés Valero Castells, to who is dedicated this work; a quote taken from Alfred Reed and Gustav Holst altogether with some cinematic sonorities influenced by Patrick Doyle and Kota Suzuki, which is the music that I had loved when I was 15. To complete the musical resources that conforms this work, each movement evokes different Galician folk tunes which help to connect with a more ethnographic description of the localizations presented in the composition. These tunes are: “Alborada Galega”, “Himno Galego” by Pascual Veiga and “Negra Sombra” by Juan Montes.


                download it in PDF: Español - English.


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