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Taxis de noche


Year of composition: 2017

[Texts by Murakami Haruki from his novel 'Norwegian Wood' - 1987]

Dedicated to Sugiyama Takanori & Umehara Mayuko.

Length: 9 minutes

Scored for: soprano and piano with digital extensions

Opus 20 - AA202017

Please note:

Full set and study scores are purchased, fulfilled in hard copy, and yours to keep. Full sets are licensed per two years of performance, and it can be renewed with an additional cost of 50€. Additional parts are delivered in PDF, and the fixed electronics (when necessary) is free downloaded through a QR code printed on the full score.

For more information or request additional parts, please, contact us through:

Tokyo blues.png

Full set (8.3 x 11.7)


Tokyo blues

[Recording coming soon]



Brief notes:

Tokyo blues is scored for soprano and piano with digital extensions, spanning 9 minutes of length. Tittle is a semantic parallel between the novel by Murakami Haruki, ‘Norwegian wood’ (1987), and the homonymous song by Beatles (1965). The 'blues' referred in the title is not simply a matter of 'mood', but also an integral part to the structure itself, approaching it as a reminiscence of Ella Fitzgerald's vocal style, in what could be called a kind of jazz ballad 'collage'. Is cast in a binary system, with the whole thematic material encapsulated in the first nine measures. The first idea is introduced immediately by the low register of piano, which is rather seductive, even somewhat cynical, and is developed starting from a polytonal system. The second idea is an atomization of the popular song "Norwegian wood (This bird has flown)" by The Beatles, from their 1965 album "Rubber Soul". These materials are kept in a constant volatile state during the consequent development.


The depicted scene, with high sexual content, transports us to a conversation between Midori and Tōru (who is a 'null-subject' so that Midori is talking directly to us, thus breaking the 'fourth wall'), in one of their escapades to the jazz-bar DUG. Midori talks openly about her sexual intentions with Tōru while seeking for a new beginning in her life.

                download it in PDF: Español - English.

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