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Year of composition: 2013

Commissioned and dedicated to Silleda Municipal Wind Orchestra and its conductor, Rafa Agulló.

Length: 15 minutes

Scored for: Galician bagpipe and wind orchestra

Opus 10 - AA102016


i. Inspiration Point

ii. Folk Dances


First performance was given by Silleda Municipal Wind Orchestra, conducted by Rafa Agulló at Green-Week Concert Hall, Silleda, Spain, May, 2013.

Please note:

Full set and study scores are purchased, fulfilled in hard copy, and yours to keep. Full sets are licensed per two years of performance, and it can be renewed with an additional cost of 100€. Additional parts are delivered in PDF, and the fixed electronics (when necessary) is free downloaded through a QR code printed on the full score.

For more information or request additional parts, please, contact us through:


Study score (8.3 x 11.7)


Full set (8.3 x 11.7)



Silleda Municipal Wind Orchestra and Edelmiro M. Fernández [album: Silleda, pobo e música 
– 2013]
Conducted by Rafa Agulló



Brief notes:

Commissioned and dedicated to Silleda Municipal Wind Orchestra and its conductor, Rafa Agulló. Exilieta was recorded in the album "Silleda, pobo e música" by Silleda Municipal Wind Orchestra, altogether with the international Galician bagpipe soloist Edelmiro M. Fernández, conducted by Rafa Agulló at Green-Week Concert Hall, Silleda, Spain, May, 2013. 

Exilieta is my first approach to the instrumental concert form, a form I had been avoiding due to the considerable sacrifices it entails. Perhaps because of this mindset, biased of course, it becomes inevitable that the dialogue established here between soloist and wind orchestra is almost unambiguous, rather than the logical 'conversation' inherent to the concerto form per se.  The composition is divided into two contrasting movements, both in the used thematic material as the established dialogue itself between soloist and the wind orchestra. The movements are:

I. Inspiration point. The title refers to the 'Fervenza do Toxa' (Toxa waterfall), an impressive 60m high waterfall situated in the lush Galicia Region, near the town of Silleda, in the province of Pontevedra, northwest Spain. The impression caused by such a huge waterfall served as a catalyst for the first drafts of the piece. The flowing of the water, the 'soundscape' of the nearby forest that surrounds the meandering Toxa River, its tradition... all these perceptions are deeply linked to the first thematic materials obtained during my visit to the place.

II. Folk dances. From a deep figurative nature of the first movement we move on to a second that is completely devoid of any programmatic reading. Although the title refers directly to 'folk dances', actually no folk materials have been used throughout the entire movement. The term 'folk' alludes only to the aesthetics within the thematic materials are developed. Constructed as a set of modal dances, this movement delves deeper into the 'concertante dialogue' than its predecessor, exploring the technical and timbral qualities which the Galician bagpipe possess. Some thematic elements (even complete sections) taken from the first movement are redrafted towards the end of the work, seeking a certain unity in the whole, and leading the whole sonorous discourse towards a finale of exuberant rhythmic power.

                download it in PDF: Español - English.

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