Year of composition: 2013

Commissioned and dedicated to David Pont Ripoll.

Length: 30 minutes

Instrumentation: tenor trombone & symphonic band

Opus 13 - AA132016


i. To awake in the light of the Universe

ii. To contemplate the depths of the soul

iii. To rejoicing in the beauty of the peace


First performance was given by David Pont Ripoll and the Silleda Wind Orchestra, conducted by Rafa Agulló, at Silleda Green-Week Concert Hall, 

on March, 2013.

Digital edition:

Digital edition in PDF includes the bounce score and set-parts. For more information or request additional parts, please, contact us through:

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Three Revelations for T-Bone_page-0001.j

Performed by David Pont Ripoll and Silleda Wind Orchestra.

Conducted by Rafa Agulló,

on March, 2013.