Nominated to 'Hollywood Music in Media Awards' (HMMA)

(classics category) - 2013.

Silver Medal in the 'Global Music Awards' - 2014.

Length: 16 minutes

Instrumentation: symphonic band

Opus 10 - AA102016


i. Prologue: Gont's aerial view

ii. Ged: the sparrowhawk

iii. Goats sketch

iv. Kargad invaders

v. Ogion

vi. The Shadow's journey

vii. Roke

viii. Sparrowhawk & Estarriol

ix. Duel: the shadow creature

x. Pendor's dragon

xi. Iffish

xii. Epilogue: the open sea


First performance was given by Arca Wind Orchestra, conducted by

J. M. Pampín, at Galicia Concert Hall, Spain, November of 2010.

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