vii. Digital natives / digital slaves


The term digital native describes a young person who has grown up in the digital age, in close contact with computers, the Internet, and video game consoles, and later mobile phones, social media, and tablets. The term is often used to refer to millennialsGeneration Z, and Generation Alpha; the latter two are sometimes described as distinct "neo-digital natives", "true" digital natives, or "digital integrators". 

"Slavery is a powerful and emotive term describing an abhorrent infringement of fundamental human rights and should not be applied casually. I relate the practice of slavery to two different concepts of “alienation from self”: first, as being “owned” as property by a third party; and, second, as being “owned” in a more informal, contemporary sense, through the removal of an individual’s ability to govern her own life. This dual meaning of alienation from self leads me to consider self-ownership in a legal sense as well as, less formally, as having the agency to determine one’s own life." Mick Chisnall

Digital slaves